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Domestic Condition Report 

Domestic Condition Reports in London

There are many reasons why you could need an electrical test or inspection on your property. It could be for insurance purposes, Landlords inspection, Change of use or ownership, or even just for your own peace of mind.
No matter what the reason, our team of highly trained staff is capable of providing full electrical testing and inspections on your property no matter what size it is.

All electrical systems deteriorate with age and use so it is important that they are maintained regularly to ensure the safety of people around the system is not at risk.

Properties should have electrical installations certified regularly to ensure the safety of the system. A domestic electrical installation condition report (formerly known as a periodic inspection) will reveal potential hazards within the tested installation, Check for earthling and bonding (or the lack of it), as well as identify any defective work whilst checking all the fixed wiring. This includes testing RCD’s to make sure they trip under fault conditions and checking fuse and circuit breaker ratings.

The landlord holds the responsibility to ensure that the property that is being rented is fit for purpose, this includes the electrical wiring. A domestic electrical installation condition report is recommended either every time the property changes tenancy, or every 10 years whichever is sooner. This ensures that the tenant has not changed or damaged the electrical system in any way. It also ensures that the system is safe and usable by a new occupier.

Businesses are recommended to have an electrical inspection every 5 years.

If you are putting your property up for sale it may also be worth having an electrical condition report done so you can show your prospective buyers that the house is electrically safe. In the same way when buying a house you should always have the electrics checked by an NICEIC approved contractor to make sure there are not any nasty surprises waiting for you which could cost you money to put right after buying.

As NICEIC Approved contractors ARM London Ltd’s condition reports are accepted by mortgage providers as a testament of the condition of the property’s fixed electrics. We are happy to speak directly with agents and sellers to arrange access to the property to carry out an inspection on your request so this can be one part of a house buy that is hassle-free.

Once you receive your electrical condition report the first thing you should do is check if there are any parts of the system that have been found unsatisfactory or unsafe. If there are you should arrange for these items to be put right as soon as possible. ARM London will provide you with a quotation for any works that are recommended in the report with the report when sent out. If the report is for a home you are looking to buy the seller should be made aware of the reported issues.

You should make sure that the report is kept safe so it can be accessed in the future if needed.

Our experienced technicians are able to carry out the following test and inspection services:

  • Electrical Installation certificates
  • Part P Certifications
  • Domestic electrical installation condition reports (periodic inspection)
  • Commercial electrical installation condition reports (periodic inspection)
  • Minor works installation certificates
  • Visual condition reports
  • Homebuyers electrical surveys
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT Testing)